The Prepared Lifestyle blog has been developed to provide everyday information on preparing for any type of disaster.  We will cover Active Shooter Issues, Workplace Violence, Church Security, Self Protection, Self Defense, Firearms, Emergency Medical, Survival Tools, Techniques and Equipment and anything related to Disaster Preparedness!

As stated, this blog will also focus on Emergency Medical Training for everyone.  The main topics that we focus on are  Emergency Self Care/Buddy Aid (SCBA) Advanced First Aid/CPR and emergency medicine in a crisis situation.  We are a American Safety & Health Institute certified Training Center and offer training in the following areas:

  • CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer program is designed for individuals in the healthcare of professional rescuer field that are required to have a professional-level basic life support training.Basic First Aid for the Community & Workplace program is designed for individuals in the community that require or desire a basic knowledge and first aid skills.
  • CPR and AED for the Community and Workplace is designed for individuals in the workplace and community that require or desire basic CPR and AED skills (this program is not intended for persons in the healthcare field).
  • Bloodborne Pathogens awareness program includes information that will help students understand what bloodborne pathogens are and how risks of exposure can be reduced for themselves and others.
  • Emergency Oxygen administration program is a critical step in treating a severe or life-threatening illness or injury which often cause oxygen to be depleted in the body leaving the victim at risk for cardiac arrest or brain damage.
  • The Child & Babysitting Safety (CABS) program stresses the priority to keep you and the children you care for safe. Babysitting is not just “watching” the children, but being responsible for their safety and well beingOperating Room Technicians
  • Wilderness First Aid – New Program Offering!

  • The Wilderness Emergency Care (WEC) program supports a family of courses to meet the needs of everyone with outdoor interests, from easy day trips to challenging and technical activities, including wilderness rescue.  This comprehensive 16-20 hour course is ideal for Instructors certified to teach CPR/AED, basic first aid, and have wilderness experience.  The program meets the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid curriculum and guidelines.

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